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    Chris Rockway  
Chris Rockway

Pictures authorized specifically by Randy Blue



     Models Profile

Date of Birth:

Nationality: USA
Built: Muscular
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Body Hair:
Sexual Roll: Versatile
Also Known As:







Arpad Miklos
Arpad Miklos



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Randy Blue: Seriously, I don't know what I could write about this guy that the photos and video don't already tell you. Every day I get tons of emails from people either wanting to be on the site or friends and agents sending me pics of guys they think I should have on the site. It gets to be a tremendous amount of shifting thru and decision making for one single male. But sometimes you get a guy who just really stands out. Chris was referred to me by a mutual old friend of mine. He told me this guy was an amazing body and an even more amazing personality. Chris certainly is that guy. A lot of times on shoots you can have some guys that are just not that fun. They can be nervous or jet lagged or maybe just not all that outgoing but Chris was none of that. He made the shoot extremely fun and enjoyable for my assistant and I. I will be the first to admit I love this guys body. To me it is almost perfection. It's naturally built, and I do mean built and he has hair in all the right places. Hair on his chest his pits and in the crack of that amazing ass. He is solid and muscled all over with abs that are simply amazing and its all natural guys. This video was particular enjoyable because Chris really got into it. I don't know if it was because he was being paid, or because he had never done this before or maybe because he had an audience that motivated him to such a degree, but the boy was hard the entire time. That beautiful dick was rock hard and even better, he came twice. Not only do you get to see this amazing fucker cum once, you get to see it twice. There is no more to say, except you won't see him anywhere else for a while......Enjoy!






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  Men November 2008

Men Magazine November '08

 Not just one luscious man to look at, but 3 men from RandyBlue. If only we could pick a favorite. All of their curves and lines will drive you to euphoria in a heartbeat.  Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout and Xander Scott -- The Call Of The Wild


Men June 2008

Men Magazine June '08

 RandyBlue.com exclusive Chris Rockway, who got into modeling a little over a year ago. This blue-eyes stunner started doing solo scenes but soon graduated to full-on fucking with other men. And his learning curve was similar to his cock curvature if you watch him closely.  Chris Rockway -- School of Rockway





      Models Galleries


  Chris Rockway and Johnny Angel

Chris Rockway takes Johnny Angel under his wing before his first live show and gives him some really hot pointers on how to give a kick ass blowjob and how to take a big hard cock from several different positions.


Chris Rockway and Leo Giamani

After tons of requests we've finally put Chris Rockway and Leo Giamani together in one hot ass balls to the wall scene! Chris tops Leo in one of the hottest duos of the year!

Chris & Gabriel

Gabriel Shams did such a hot first video that I wanted to get him in a scene with Chris Rockway as soon as possible. I'm glad I did. The energy between these two is unreal!


Chris, Colby & Jeremy

Three of Randy Blue's hot, horny hunks, Chris Rockway, Jeremy Walker and Colby Keller, are thrown into a room and given one instruction... Colby is the bottom.


Braden, Chris & Kevin

Braden Charron returns looking tighter and hotter than ever. And I've paired him up with Chris Rockway and Kevin Falk for a three-way you won't soon forget!


Chris, Trent & Xander

It's hard to believe that we've never had Chris Rockway and Xander Scott in a video together, so their fans finally get to see these two in some hot tag team action with Trent Davis as the piggy in the middle.


Alley Cats

Randy Blue is proud to present our newest feature, Alley Cats. The murder victim (Derrek Diamond)...the suspect (Reese Rideout)... the detective (Chris Rockway)... the guard (Tyler Johnson)... the prisoner (Sean Everett)... and the reporter (James Hawk). Interrogation has never been this hot!


Chris & Cru

What if you walked in on your hot neighbor jerking off to porn? Would you walk away or would you join him? Chris Rockway and Cru Jones answer that very question.


Alex, Chris & Reese

How many of you have been dreaming of seeing Chris Rockway with a dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass! In his first ever bottoming video, Chris is joined by best buddies Reese Rideout and Alex Eden who finally get a crack at Rockway's hot ass.


A Taste of Blue

A Taste of Blue is a frightfully funny and scarily sexy new movie featuring Chris Rockway as a seductive vampire, Cody Fallon and Blake Riley as this victims and a special appearance by Derrek Diamond and Brent Diggs.


Brent & Chris

An incredibly hot three-way with Chris Rockway, James Hawk and Tyler Johnson. James and Chris both top horny bottom Tyler, including a unique and very sexy new position.


Brent & Chris

Brent Diggs, our fresh faced college athlete, decided it was time that he got to suck some dick, and he knew right away that he wanted Chris Rockway to be his first.


Alex & Chris

Chris Rockway has his first man-on-man kiss with Alex Eden, then they both devour each other's cocks before Chris fucks Alex like crazy, and they both cum at the same time.


Alex, Chris & Dakota Three-way

When I saw Alex Eden and Chris Rockway bumpin' and grindin' all over Dakota Rivers at a recent bar event I knew I had to put them in a scene together. Three hot studs in a steamy three-way with sexy results!


Chris VS. Reese

Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout get along well, but I would lie if I said there wasn't some sort of competition with them. Who's got the bigger guns? Who's got the best abs? Who can swim the furthest? I figured it would be best to let them duke it out in the wrestling ring. This video is pure muscle on muscle and both men were extremely aggressive in their desire to win. And, of course, there are some great hardcore scenes. In every competition there is a winner and a loser but with this video we are all winners because we get to see two of the hottest guys on Randy Blue finally going at it with each other!


Slip-n-Slide It In!

This has got to be one of my favorite videos yet. A hot shower circle jerk with toys.....nice! Of course I chose 4 of my all time favorites and turned them loose on each other! What could be more hot or fun then Chris, Reese, Sebastian and Shawn all getting dirty in the shower!


The Coach

OK, What can I say...I have a coaches fetish. This is my little dream sequence of going back home and visiting my old high school coach.
This video stars Reese, Chris and Mitchel as the coach who's body is as hot as it can be! Get ready, the coach is about to make you work out!


Chris & James

James Hawk and Chris Rockway together. The
two have become friends and maybe that is what it is watching two friend suck each other off that makes us all so hot an horny. Watch these guys smoke some pole and bust a couple of very big nuts. Its one hell of a great R.B. video! Enjoy!


Chris & Tory

I like this combination a lot! Chris and Tory continue to be extremely popular on R.B. Ever since Chris called me and told me he was ready to take the next step I knew this video was going to be a good one!


Chris Rockway

If you are as in love with Chris as I am then you must really be anxious for this video. Big, beautiful Chris and his assortment of toys.  This guy has an amazing ass and when he starts to put things up it you cant
help but want to watch.


Alex & Chris & Braden

When you put Braden and Chris with a hot new comer like Alex you know its going to be hot. In this scene Chris walks in on Braden and Alex and starts directing the scene complete with some duo oral on his own big dick. Enjoy!


All Star Circle Jerk!

This is the latest installment of our ever popular Circle Jerk Series! This time we have 6 of our newest, Blake, Brodie, Braden, Chris, Gavin, and James together for an afternoon of hot wankin! Who wouldn't want to find five hot, horny guys in the garage? The afternoon ends with Blake and one hot bukkake scene! Enjoy!

Chris Rockway

Chris was so amazing to work with we had to have him come back for a second time. His body is hard and built and hairy just where you want it. Big, built and ready to cum just for you


Chris & Blake

Chris Rockway has the body of a God and he is just aching to get sucked off. Blake of course is more than happy to oblige. The two make one hot duo in this latest oral video from Randy Blue!


This guy will seriously make you cream. Is it that body or smile or voice? God, I don't know maybe a combo of all three. I do know that it's got to be the two cum shots that will send you over the edge. Chris is fucking perfection




      Models Galleries
  Chris Rockway and Johnny Angel

Chris Rockway Fucks Leo Giamani





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      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

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      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine









      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine









      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine









      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine









      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine









      Websites Models been Featured

Randy Blue

Men Machine